Club structure thoughts


Because of the crazy “laws” in this country,  we need to form a membership only club in order to exercise our God
given right to conduct business with one another.  The money for the most part will be applied to purchasing legal services
to protect us from the government (the people that are supposed to be protecting us but don’t)  and any excess to pay for web hosting and ecommerce fees.

Think of this as yet another hidden tax from a government that already taxes you at 50% or more.

The renewal date for those that initially buy a membership will not be one year from the purchase date but one year from when we get off of the ground and begin selling product.

Family memberships  tentatively will be $40 per year and $20 a year for single people and those in financial need.

Please consider purchasing a membership early when they are offered as without the funds we will not get off of the ground.

Selling online has substantial time and money investments and the club will markup any ware that it handles to cover costs,and salaries. I have looked at John Moody’s  food co-op book to give me ideas. If you want get in on the planning, I suggest that you take a look at it also. It  is linked in the “resources”post on this site.


How about a weekly, PRIVATE  farmers market?  Where one can order in advance, online.  The  “farmers”  could even drop off their orders the day before and not be hassled with an actual farmers market and the time involvement. Perhaps the club could take things on consignment for the farmers that want to just drop things off and go.  I am thinking of a one time yearly fee for selling at the farmers market, on top of the club membership. Something in the order of $100 a year, but  remember that the club takes no cut on this type of sale.  Unlike commisioned farmers market sales or the online sales.

This market will also be for any member that has  a hobby such as making kombucha,  kimchi, kefir, cheese, even non food items, to sell, barter, orgive away.  I want to encourage lots of  small artisan food producers to participate.   Any member will be able to participate as a consumer of any of the wares offered, they may sell exclusively online, the may sell exclusively in farmers market style, the can sell at the farmers market on  consignment, or they can sell to anyone anywhere. I am 110% free market folks, unlike ANY of the farmers markets in the Springfield area.