Joel Salatin: The Rise Of Rogue Food

A ‘food freedom’ revolt against the government is starting

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This is  a dynamic, and I stress dynamic, list of resources that you might want to investigate.
I must admit that I have a lot of learning to do.

My inspiration for this endeavor were the Italian Dining clubs that were started to circumvent onerous restaurant laws in Italy. There was also the Maine Food Sovereignty movement that is still ongoing in many respects.  It was started for the same reason that I am starting this movement:   Tyrannical & illegitimate  food regulations.(that illegitimately have the force of law)

Dum Spiro, Pugno

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I wanted to  announce that Food Freedom Ministry now has a Real.Video channel. I hope that you find the material there educational. 

Joel Salatin: The Rise Of Rogue Food
A ‘food freedom’ revolt against the government is starting
(FYI there was no “collusion” here. Thinking people are just coming to the same conclusions)

One of my  favorite Joel Salatin books. You can  now buy the kindle version for $1.99
Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front

VACCINES: One of the best overviews that I have ever heard.  Highly recommended. I am also  a fan of  Dr Tom Cowan.


27 Aug 2018

Vaccines are a controversial topic. Some say that they are effective; others disagree vehemently. Dr. Tom Cowan, a holistic physician, author, and speaker, sees both sides and sheds needed light on this difficult topic. Basically, Dr. Cowan postulates that vaccines do indeed reduce the likelihood of our contracting various illnesses such as whooping cough or measles, for example. However, he explains why this short-term help has long-term consequences for our health—leading to autoimmune disorders and other chronic conditions. Today’s conversation includes a discussion of what best boosts our immunity to disease, how vaccines (& illness) work in our bodies, why vaccines must include adjuvants (toxic ingredients) to be effective and what holds the most promise for long-term positive health outcomes. Visit Dr. Cowan’s website: Learn more about the Weston A. Price Foundation (or make a donation) here: Take our listener survey here. And check out our sponsors Vintage Tradition & Ancestral Supplements.


Interview of Dr Tom Cowan on Vaccines

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Proper Digestion Central to Health

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Club structure thoughts


Because of the crazy “laws” in this country,  we need to form a membership only club in order to exercise our God
given right to conduct business with one another.  The money for the most part will be applied to purchasing legal services
to protect us from the government (the people that are supposed to be protecting our rights, but don’t)  and   to pay for web hosting and ecommerce fees.

Think of this as yet another hidden tax from a government that already taxes you at 50% or more.

The renewal date for  memberships will  be January 1st of every year.  Those purchasing an initial  membership after July 1st, will get the months left in the current year plus the next full year for their membership price.

Family memberships  tentatively will be $49 per year and $24 a year for single people and those in financial need.
Please consider purchasing a membership early when they are offered as without the funds we will not get off of the ground.
Consider it a gift of love for your fellow man, if we don’t have a wide breadth of goods when we first get going.

Selling online has substantial time and money investments and the club will markup any ware that it handles (online or not) to cover costs,and salaries. I have looked at John Moody’s  food co-op book to give me ideas. If you want get in on the planning, I suggest that you take a look at it also. It  is linked in the “resources”post on this site.


How about a weekly, PRIVATE  farmers market?  Where one can order in advance, online.  The  “farmers”  could even drop off their orders the day before and not be hassled with an actual farmers market and the time involvement. Perhaps the club could take things on consignment for the farmers that want to just drop things off and go.  I am thinking of a one time yearly fee for selling at the farmers market, on top of the club membership. Something in the order of $200 a year, but  remember that the club takes no cut on this type of sale.  Unlike commissioned farmers market sales or the online sales.   Alternately  we could charge a small setup fee for each vendor, and or charge a small transaction fee based on sales.

This market will also be for any member that has  a hobby such as making kombucha,  kimchi, kefir, cheese, even non food items, to sell, barter, orgive away.  I want to encourage lots of  small artisan food producers to participate.   Any member will be able to participate as a consumer of any of the wares offered, they may sell exclusively online, the may sell exclusively in farmers market style, the can sell at the farmers market on  consignment, or they can sell to anyone anywhere. I am 110% free market folks, unlike ANY of the farmers markets in the Springfield area.


Long term I envision dozens of artisan food producers & small farmers,  to be producing such an abundance of local healthy foods, to such a degree that one could completely eschew the the  eugenics distribution sites that  are euphemistically  called grocery stores.  Most will be selling online, and  will deliver sold goods every week to  our distribution point.    At this central location members will be able to participate in a weekly, year round, members only  farmers market.   Members will be able to sell food products that they produced, or other food products and  goods obtained elsewhere, just as long as their is full disclosure that they were not produced by the seller.  People could for instance re-sell cheeses  obtained at Shetler’s discount grocery.
People that do not want to stick around for the Farmers Market can sell though the club on consignment.
We will be free to offer a restaurant type venue, that may be only once a month for pre-sold dinners, or  may be open several days a week for drop in business.   Things such as say wines for the dinners may be produced and provided for these member only dinners.   Members may be able to organize and sell their own restaurant style meals by renting the facilities for a day.

Finally I envision a s small store on the premises where, in addition to online sales, & the farmers market , club members will be able to stop by and do some shopping on an impromptu basis.


To make things easy on everyone, I am going to suggest that members be encouraged to deposit working funds into a credit account with the club. Perhaps your estimated monthly purchases would be a good amount to begin with. (not sure how well this would integrate with online sales)   That way we can afford the time and money hassle involved with taking credit cards, which by the way if you are Christian is immoral (it’s unarguably stealing (we can discuss this further in the comments below if you are interested)  but don’t expect your pastor to be bright enough to see this fact, as I have not met one yet that does.
The only other method of payment will be exact amounts of cash.  When using cash do not expect change, if you are over the amount of the purchase,  the extra will go into your club credits, that can be used for future purchases.

This may be too much trouble but I would very much like to be able to accept food stamps.  Also encourage vendors to offer special incentives to people using food stamps (and as a Christian I do understand that FS are stealing – and that again is another discussion)

Also rather than having vendors being responsible for making sure that everyone there has a current membership, and taking money,  I would like to have a system where people spend their credits, and if they do not have enough, that they centrally purchase them as they enter the farmers market.

I think that for the time being that this is more than enough detail…
Thanks for hanging in there this long.

Joe Tittiger – Seymour MO

Welcome to Food Freedom Ministry:


My name is Joe Tittiger , and I live in  Webster County Missouri.

A hay rake, holding me up during a Hoop House raising in Douglas County MO

I moved to this area 7 years ago, fleeing the insanity of urban living in Fort Myers FL.   A local organization, “Well Fed Neighbor“, ( I am sure many of you  were familiar with them)  was sounding the alarm, that even in rural MO, we were not food self sufficient, certainly not to the degree that we were  100 years ago.  That was an important message.  The problem is where they stopped. Where they failed to go. That is where Food Freedom Ministry see’s its future.

What good is raising local food, when the farmer/home-owner/artisan food crafter can’t sell what they produce to their neighbors?
I have quickly discovered that we have a thick web of illegitimate laws, that try to  prevent us from exercising the  plethora of our God given rights, that would be involved.   One thing that these laws do is make it a crime to earn an honest  living,  as the highest profits come from vertical integration of of products. (I will get into more effects of these “laws”,  as we go along.) And doing so is not allowed in “the land of the free”.  But of course you can always buy the permission to do things in the homeland – and pass that cost onto your customers,  thus  often pricing your product out of your customers reach, if reaching the financially challenged is your mission.

I  warn you that I am an iconoclast.  I am also truth seeker.  I have had some great teachers. Scripture is one teacher,   it has a repetitive message of seeking truth and justice.  Of having valid legitimate law.   Jesus Christ was also a truth seeker, and iconoclast, he spoke truth to power and he like many of the apostles was put to death for doing so.  Being a truth seeker,  and speaking truth to power does not make one popular,  but I think that we are all commanded to do so regardless, of what evil in high places may try to do to us.   So here goes, and  “Justice be Done May the Heavens Fall


Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream…..   I dream of a free country where one can obtain healthy, affordable food.  As things now stand we are all forced to consume only foods that the government food monopoly provides. Or more accurately “allows”.   It is my contention that very little of this food is safe, it is certainly not accurately labeled, as far as ingredients, nor it’s possible health benefits. 1  2  One can not even trust the “Organic” label  1  2 as  it  has been co-opted by big agriculture, and  is often misleading and inaccurate.

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  ~Ephesians 5:11

As a quick example of not being able to obtain healthy food, through the government food monopoly,  let’s look at  supermarket “heavy cream”. It is impossible to find cream that has not been ultrapasterized  1 and  it’s proteins denatured  lowering the nutritional value of the food, and quite possibly making the proteins harmful to the human body.  All of the beneficial and probiotic bacteria in the cream are also killed.  Various beneficial enzymes are destroyed.  Finally they  put the cream in a BPA lined paper carton. This frankenfood is the only form of heavy cream that is allowed in the US food monopoly. Welcome to “the land of the free”.

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